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Tamaki Hiroshi

Tamaki Hiroshi

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Tamaki Hiroshi


For collaboration or connections, please contact Tamaki through her professional email or LinkedIn profile.


Tamaki has made significant contributions to various social issues through her work in literature and public speaking. In 2020, she self-published a storybook aimed at educating readers about food waste and donated all the proceeds to UNICEF. Additionally, she co-authored a storybook as part of an urban regeneration project which focused on preserving the intangible cultural heritage of a small Indonesian village.


Tamaki is involved with multiple organizations including UNICEF, where she has contributed by donating the proceeds from her self-published work. She has also participated in Miss World Japan, using her platform to promote educational initiatives.


  • 2020: Published a storybook on food waste, donating all proceeds to UNICEF.
  • 2020: Co-authored a storybook for an urban regeneration project in Indonesia.
  • 2021: Delivered a TED talk on discovering one's true colors.
  • 2021: Competed in Miss World Japan, advocating for the "Beauty with a Purpose" initiative.
  • Currently pursuing research in Japanese history and peace education at Waseda University's Graduate School of Social Sciences.

Areas of Interest

Tamaki's main areas of interest include sustainable development, cultural preservation, and education. She is particularly focused on how storytelling can be used as a tool to address and educate on social issues.

Theory of Change

Tamaki believes in the transformative power of education and storytelling. Her approach involves creating engaging educational content that not only informs but also inspires action among young readers and the community at large.

Areas Needing Help

Tamaki is always looking for collaborators and resources to help expand her reach and impact, especially in areas related to cultural preservation and educational content development.