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Connor Farrell


Connor Farrell


Please direct any questions, comments or collaboration requests to  my email at  For professional contacts, please reach out to my LinkedIn. 


Connor focuses on community-level work and organization. He's one half of Meals on Main, a Blacksburg/Christiansburg food truck that gives out about 150 meals per week in a local community. Connor is very passionate about helping others, and is a regular editor of this very wiki site.


Connor is involved with the Blacksburg YMCA, and is well-connected with the local Blacksburg activism community. He's also done work for AmeriCorps, and completed his Eagle Project at the West County Courthouse in Palm Beach County, FL.


  • 2020: Planned and completed Eagle Project focused on protecting kids whose parents are in court for custody of their children. 
  • 2023: Joined Marx and Joanna to help develop and its associated wiki, attending multiple conferences and performing research for the future of the organization. 
  • 2023: Meals on Main begins, Connor and Seth serve their first meal.
  • Currently working to elevate Gen-Z voices, and inspire/inform change around the country, while also working as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Blacksburg. 

Areas of Interest

Connor's main areas of interest include sustainable urban development, community-level organization for change, and climate change. He is especially interested in how perspective informs action, and how to build connections with others through common humanity. 

Theory of Change

Connor believes in the power of people. People will always learn from what is around them, and when given the chance will almost always choose to help those around them. His work is about feeding people, but it's even more about building genuine human connection, especially between other members of a community. 

Areas Needing Help

Connor is looking for virtual collaborators looking to establish a similarly sustainable soup kitchen/free food program in their area for those in need. Beyond that, if you have experience coding in Python and would like to donate some of your time, there is a project that could use your skills. If this sounds like you, please email